In this method the pigment is applied with a “pencil”. This is how we achieve a natural look of the eyebrow-hair of different length and strength and in this way we emphasize the 3D-effect.

The pigments that we use for the eyebrow-drawing were tested and are certified: RasAP(2008)1.

This modern technique gives your eyebrows a natural look: the permanent make-up is
completely unobtrusive.

Permanent Make-up

What is Permanent Make-up?

If you are not satisfied with the shape and colour of your lips, eyebrows or eyes, the micropigmentation is the right solution for you.

The pigment is inserted in the skin layer with a special method and unlike the tattooing process the colour is inserted in the uppermost skin layer temporary.

With the micropigmentation you can correct your eyebrows, eyeliners and lips. The eyebrows will be reconstructed, the upper and lower eyeliners will be drawn on the edge of the eye to emphasize the eyes, and the shape of the lips will be molded. This is how irregularities and skin change can be compensated.

Is it safe?

In permanent make-up we only use colours of mineral and herbal origin. They are approved for the human-use and are dermatologically tested. These valuable colours are very expensive but they offer you longevity of the shade of colour; so it is impossible that brown will change into red etc.

Mineral & Herbal Colors 100%
Dermatologically Tested 100%
Human-Use Approved 100%
For how long does it last?

The treatment result lasts for two to three years. This way of make-up is being used more frequently and it requires a lot of professionalism, responsibility, creativity and precision.

The permanent make-up fades after some time and it changes its original colours. The morphology of your face is changed and the pigmentation can be repeated the way you want it.

We are able to achieve the effect of a natural look and also the effect of an intensive evening make-up
(e.g. red lips, depending on your personality)

Prices for Permanent Make-Up


Make the form, correct form, for example with asymmetry or thin hairs.
PMU pr Microblading:

Microblading method including 1 correction:
385, – EUR

PMU included one correction:
300, – EUR


Eyeliner above line including one correction:
200, – EUR

Lower eyelid including 1 correction:
100, – EUR


Draw contours (natural shade or full replenishment):
300 EUR

Contour with shading including one correction:
400, – EUR

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